View from the Steeple jpegDesert Steeple jpegSky Storm jpegHer Last Tractor jpeg
Off the Cape jpeg leftOff the Cape jpeg rightLong Journey Back jpegRed Adobe
Bright Winter Sky jpegDesert March jpegCanyon Road jpegSacred Sky jpeg
October Sky jpegTo the Whales jpeg leftTo the Whales jpeg right


Copyright 2005. Andrew S. Mahoney. All rights reserved.


Mary's Shed
5 by 3.5 inches

Desert Mystery
14 by 4 inches


Desert Sojourn
7 by 5 inches

View from the Steeple
7 by 7 inches

Desert Steeple
7 by 7 inches

  Sky Storm
7 by 7 inches

Her Last Tractor
14 by 12 inches

Off the Cape
14 by 4 inches


  Long Journey Back
12 by 9 inches

Red Adobe
17 by 12 inches

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Bright Winter Sky
7 by 6 inches

Desert Marsh
5 by 7 inches

  Canyon Road
8 by 11 inches

Sacred Sky
8 by 11 inches

October Sky
7 by 6 inches

To the Whales
15 by 3 inches